Peat Free Journey

Peat | Statement


      We recognise the need for a change towards a peat-free horticultural industry.

      We are determinedly working to reduce the peat in our plant production, accelerating our efforts

       and bringing forward our aim to be 100% peat-free in 2025.


Peatlands are the world’s largest carbon store and provide valuable ecosystems for wildlife as well as important hydrological services. We share public concern about the damage peat extraction does to our natural environment. We respect the finite nature of peat as a resource and the conservation value of undisturbed peatlands.

Peat-free trials have featured throughout our nursery year for some time now, with trials to find out what works for over 1600 different varieties in peat-free growing medium.

Our journey so far:

2017  20% peat-free

2022  60% peat-free

2023  100% peat-free at our ‘potting on’ and ‘planting out’ stages *

2025  Aim to be a 100% peat-free nursery.

* The plug at our propagation stage still contains peat.

Our main supplier of growing medium has an interrogable Growing Media Policy which recognises their responsibility to manage the UK’s peat moors sensitively and sustainably and states a commitment to maximise their environmental benefits once peat working finishes.


Since 2012, all our container Iris and most of our Grasses have been grown in 100% peat-free growing media.


Management and staff have attended other nurseries and presentations by suppliers and stakeholders to inform our journey.

We have been challenged by this process; however, it has been reassuring that some initial concerns such as drainage and water-retention have proven to be manageable.

The ensuing impact upon plant-husbandry has been minimal with some tinkering of water administration and extra monitoring of plant development after potting. We catch all the rainwater that falls on our container nursery and store that in our reservoirs to use for irrigation.